What size are the hats?

The hats are one size and fit kids from over 3 upwards?

Will the hats fit Adults?

Yes the hats fit most adults heads, we have a lot of adults buying them for themselves!

Are the hats warm?

Yes they are fleece lined and so keep your head warm without feeling scratchy like some hats.

Are they good quality?

We take pride that all the hats we make are great quality, and we have great attention to detail in their manufacture.

How long do the batteries last?

The batteries last for 50 hours continuously this will be enough to keep your hat bright and lit for months of normal daily usage?

What age are the hats suitable for?

For any children over 3. They are not suitable for under 3 due to the small parts and batteries.

Can I use in the rain?

Yes that is no problem, the LEDs in the hats can be used outside in any weather.

Can I change the batteries?

Yes that is not a problem they take 2 x 2032 batteries which are widely available from lots of stores and cost only a few pounds.

Can I wash the hats?

They are not machine washable but can be hand washed lightly. Full washing instructions are inside the hats and on the instructions labels